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Zertifikat - Nanobiotechnology (postgradual, Fernstudium)

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Nanobiotechnology is a very recent and fascinating area of activity and research, which may be called the "Fundamental Technology of the 21st Century". Several potential applications can already be identified, for example in the field of medical diagnostics and therapeutics and the development of new materials. The distance learning program, unique in Germany and offered by the DISC since 2004, caters to the highly interdisciplinary nature of nanobiotechnology.
You will find further information at www.zfuw.uni-kl.de/en/distance-learning-courses/science-engineering/nanobiotechnology/ .

The distance learning program is made up of 11 topics, which include characterization techniques, chemical and physical synthesis of nanoparticles, processing coatings, ceramics and composites, basics of molecular biology, genetics, screening methods in biology, chip technology, nanotechnologically modified biomaterials, nanomotors, and nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Upon successful completion of this distance study program the graduates have acquired skills that enable them to strongly improve products and processes in the organizations in which they operate. Thus the study program makes a contribution to the high demand for skilled workers in the field of nanobiotechnology.
The two on-campus weekends contribute to the acquisition of practical skills. This is done in the context of lab work about different characterization procedures in nanotechnology and screening methods in biology.
An important secondary objective of the distance study program is learning of working in an international environment.

The learning outcomes of this study program are:

  • Basic knowledge of fundamental concepts of quantum physics and molecular biology.
  • Insight into several applications of nanotechnology like biosensors, linear and rotary molecular motors and the employment of nanoparticles in drug delivery and diagnostics.
  • Advanced knowledge of the different characterization procedures on the nanoscale as well as of screening methods in biology.
  • Insight into synthesis processes for nanoparticles in which the essential particle formation steps are the result of physical and chemical phenomena.
  • Knowledge of the preparation of advanced materials like nanosized powders, coatings, ceramics, compacts, monoliths, and glasses.
  • Knowledge of the interaction phenomena between biological entities and non-biological substrates, of the basic concepts of biomaterials for implantation, and of nanotechnological methods that are used to improve biomaterial interactions with biological tissue.

Schedule and organization:
The standard course duration for this part-time study, including examination time, is 12 months. It is also possible to take a break during the course and then return to complete it. The lectures and exercises are provided in the form of written study materias, which were developed specifically for distance learning. A weekly commitment of around 10-18 hours is required to study the material.

Two compulsory on campus events are held for all participants in the "Nanobiotechnology" distance learning program. These events always take place on the weekend. Their goal is to reinforce the course contents within the scope of group work and workshops, discuss questions regarding the study material and debate the practical implementation of the program content. Written examinations are also a part of these on campus weekends.

Assignments are to be sent in and examinations taken over the course of the study program. Once all assignments and examinations have been completed, the program is concluded with a graded certificate from the University of Kaiserslautern.

The study fees for the distance learning program "Nanobiotechnology" are EUR 820 per semester, plus the registration fee for the standard period of study. You will find further information at www.zfuw.uni-kl.de/en/distance-learning-courses/science-engineering/nanobiotechnology/.

You can apply for the "Nanobiotechnology" distance learning program from mid-May to 15th July of the respective year. Courses start at the beginning of October.
The application deadlines can be found at www.zfuw.uni-kl.de/en/registration/application-deadlines/">www.zfuw.uni-kl.de/en/registration/application-deadlines/ .

Dipl.-Phys. Simone Plog
Academic staff member - Nanobiotechnology, Nanotechnology
Phone: 0631 205 4941
Fax: 0631 205 4940

TU Kaiserslautern
Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC)
Dr. Maria Elisabetta Berbenni
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Postfach 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern
Telefon 0631 205 4941
Telefax 0631 205 4940

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