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Logistics – International Management & Consulting MBA


The online program “Logistics - International Management & Consulting MBA ” has been designed for professionals who have graduated from any disciplines. The objective of the program is to help you obtain a greater understanding of the various areas within logistics while at the same time developing your skills in the fields of management and consulting as well as preparing you for leading or senior management positions, respectively.

Logistics is one of the fastest growing industries on a global scale, offering many various career perspectives. With an increasing demand for logistics managers with an international background, professional experience or a degree that is recognized across borders can be an important proof of your qualifications.

This is why we have developed a custom-made MBA program offered online via distance learning. It has specifically been tailored to logistics managers handling processes at the interface of different disciplines. Relevant fields such as management competence, consulting knowledge and social skills have been added to the traditional areas in teaching logistics consisting of business administration, IT and technology.

Graduates of this international program are highly in demand as executives or project managers in a variety of fields in industry and trade (e.g. transport, reverse logistics, etc.), but also in services and consulting. The compact hands-on curriculum allows future graduates to acquire relevant strategies, techniques and skills they need for their respective jobs.

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